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The MMA Conditioning Association offers the industry's only MMA Conditioning Coach Certification. When you earn your certification, you will also be given proven step-by-step plans to grow your Borsod-Abauj-Zemplen MMA business including gyms, studios, fitness conditioning programs, workout videos, mental training programs and more!

The MMA Conditioning Association offers professional training programs for MMA gym owners Borsod-Abauj-Zemplen, MMA coaches, and MMA fighters in Borsod-Abauj-Zemplen who are looking to enhance skills and improve business and career opportunities in the MMA industry.

Our world-class MMA education program is designed for you if you are one of the following:

  • A current Borsod-Abauj-Zemplen MMA coach who want to enhance your skills, make more money, and give your students the ultimate edge
  • A fitness pro in Borsod-Abauj-Zemplen who needs to make your mark, increase your monthly income, and offer a high-level workout to your clients
  • A traditional martial arts school owner in Borsod-Abauj-Zemplen  who is getting crushed by the MMA boom and needs to take action fast
  • A fitness or martial arts enthusiast in Borsod-Abauj-Zemplen who is thirsty for knowledge and wants the latest training and conditioning strategies
  • An MMA fighter in Borsod-Abauj-Zemplen  who wants to live the ultimate MMA lifestyle - train, coach, fight... and make a lot more money!


Former UFC bantamweight champion, Dominick Cruz, is trained by Doug Balzarini, who used the principles gained in the Certified Mixed Martial Arts Conditioning Coach training offered by the Mixed Martial Arts Conditioning Association. The training is designed for those who coach high-level athletes, as well as other athletes and individuals interested in martial arts training and conditioning.

As MMA or mixed martial arts has exploded in popularity and prominence, so has the need for certified MMA conditioning coaches. The trainer of Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) bantamweight champion Dominick Cruz, Doug Balzarini credits his Certified MMA Conditioning Coach (CMMACC) training for giving him the skills to train a champion.

A certified coach and member of the Mixed Martial Arts Conditioning Association, Balzarini has trained all types of individuals ranging from general fitness enthusiasts to the top athletes in the world.  He currently coaches about 15 fighters, using the principles specific to MMA strength and conditioning.

"The MMA Conditioning Coach Certification program is a game-changer,” said Balzarini. “Many business opportunities have come my way through the connections and resources that have become available since completing this certification. From the ongoing web content to the tele-classes to the CEU opportunities, it really is a great resource for strength coaches of any level looking to get involved in the world of MMA."

Appropriate for personal trainers, coaches, traditional martial artists and MMA participants, the online training includes over 70 hours of comprehensive training. Delivery of curriculum includes video demonstrations and lectures, a digital manual, test prep and self-paced learning for those interested in developing the business and athletic skills required to coach MMA in Borsod-Abauj-Zemplen. In addition to the business of MMA training, the Certified MMA Conditioning Coach program focuses on combat conditioning drills, plyometrics, mental training, TRX, Kettlebells, aerobic and anaerobic conditioning, sports nutrition, sports psychology, explosive power, balance, dynamic flexibility and more.

“We are dedicated to creating the best Borsod-Abauj-Zemplen MMA conditioning coaches and trainers in the world, so we’re very proud of Doug’s success,” said Dr. John Spencer Ellis, founder of the MMA Conditioning Association and John Spencer Ellis Enterprises, a leading national fitness and personal development solutions company. “This program helps coaches train everyone from top-level UFC athletes to weekend warriors who want to train just like a MMA champion, work on cross-training and increase their overall fitness level.”

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